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some girls wander by mistake

into the mess that scalpels make

20 April
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Ya goddamn fluffy toed, honey knuckled sons a bitches! I'll give ya a damn magic nose. Ya'll
ain't never seen arms like these, son.
"autumns red blaze", 16 horsepower, abortion, absinthe, acupuncture, alfred packer, anastasia, andre 3000, angelo badalamenti, animals eating people, attic treasures, austin o spare, authentic human beings, barry adamson, bauhaus, begotten, big black owls, blank canvas, book 4, bosch, causing the effect, cirque du soleil, condemned architecture, cosey mo, crooked stairs, dada, daddy long legs, datura, david lynch, dead lumberjacks, dead prez, die form, dreaming, dusty phonographs, ectoplasm, edward gorey, einstürzende neubauten, fat people bleeding, ferns, fire, floria sigismondi, foetus, fog, giant trees, godzilla, graveyards, grey skies, h.r. giger, haints, hammer and nails, high ceilings, hysterectomies, imaginary friends, imagination, instinct, jack o lanterns, jay munly, jean-pierre jeunet, jellyfish, kenneth anger, killing joke, laughing, lawn darts, lightning bugs, locust, long shadows, long walks, lucifuge, meat is for pussies, mike patton, moderation, my-ability-to-crush-you, new pen, nick cave, night gallery, nyarlathotep, old scratch, old suits, ouija boards, pj harvey, pointy antique farm tools, pointy shoes, porch swings, qigong, railroad tracks, rasputina, raw vegetables, recycling, red walls, respect, sea monsters, secret passages, skeletons, skinny puppy, small doors, snog, spankmaster, strange-lights-in-the-sky, synchronicity, tall tales, thaumaturgic endeavors, the beach at night, the black heart procession, the coup, the jersey devil, the lost boys, the moon, the mutter museum, the the, the thief of always, three-warm-and-wild-eyes, tiamat, tiny details, tire swings, tom waits, tornadoes, tribes of neurot, tricky, type o negative, unfolding major things, veins, video cameras, vincent gallo, voynich manuscripts, werewolves, william blake, wings of desire